About KollegeX

KollegeX is a subsidiary of KimTronix Global which tries to bring innovation aimed on the educational industry

We develop solutions to solve problems faced in the educational industry. So far we have developed the following systems:-

  • CourseHub Educational Platform
  • MOPSE School Adminstration Management Portal
  • KollegeX School Management Portal
  • Electronics Training Board for Institutions
  • Award








    Our Services

    KollegeX offers a prethora of serivces to help you take your school/institution to the next level from Online E-learning platforms to School or Institution Management portals

    CourseHub E-learning Portal

    Coursehub is an online E-learning and tutoring platform to help your teachers/lecturers create courses and share with their students

    MOPSE Management Portal

    MOPSE Management Portal is an online based school/institution administration management portal with bulk texts for easy sending notifications

    KollegeX Management Portal

    KollegeX is a fully equiped online based School or Institution Management portal which connected the school school from students up to administration

    Arduino Kits & Training Kits

    We have also developed some Electronics Training tools that will help you teach your students everything they need to know about Electronics

    Innovation Hub

    We have also setup an Innovation hub in which some of your talented students with projects can come and built up their projects with the help of experts

    Hire Our Experts

    You can also Hire our experts to do public lectures at your School or Institution, our experts are highly skilled from programming to electronics